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Discover the 10 best Bitcoin lending sites that are available online today. But they are the best of the best that are still worth investigating if you are wanting to consider making an investment into cryptocurrency. A list of best bitcoin lending sites.

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Now, let’s compare our favorite crypto lending platforms and find out how you can earn interest on bitcoin while staying safe.

1. BlockFi


BlockFi is a US-based company. It was founded by Zac Prince and Flori Marquez in 2017. BlockFi currently serves 32 states in the United States, excluding Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire , North Carolina , Ohio & Texas . They are licensed with both NYSDFS (BitLicense) and the South Dakota Division of Banking.


  • The high interest rate for BTC lending across all terms — from short to long term loans. 
  • Up to 9% interest rates on Bitcoin deposits depending upon your account tier level which will range between Tier levels I-III or A-C corresponding to loan periods of 30 days up to 36 months respectively after origination! These are some great returns you’ll find in the Bitcoin lending market.
  • Up to 11% interest for ETH deposits, compounding daily until paid back in full with a 36-month repayment period . This is one of the best rates you’ll find on Ethereum loans too!
  • The simple application process takes just minutes to complete and funding can be done within 24 hours.
  • No credit checks are required either — perfect if you have less than stellar credit history or no scores at all. This makes BlockFi attractive to both new and seasoned crypto investors alike who don’t want big hassle when borrowing bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
  • No minimum deposit requirement – any amount of cryptocurrency is accepted by the platform which gives it flexibility since some platforms require larger amounts before allowing borrowers access to their lending platform.
  • High security – BTC and ETH are stored with Gemini Trust Company which is a regulated New York trust company that provides custody services for BlockFi as well as other lending platforms such as Celsius Network. This shows their commitment to keeping your funds safe!


  • Only available in 32 states within the US, excluding Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire , North Carolina , Ohio & Texas .
  • The best part about this crypto lender is how many people they serve already over $50 million USD worth of loans has been issued since Q-2018 so far! So if you live outside one of these 32 States then don’t bother applying on BlockFi right now. You’ll only be disappointed. 
  • Loan terms can range from 30 days to 36 months, depending on how much you deposit and your risk tier.
  • So if you’re looking for fast cash then this might not be the best option as loan periods can take up to a year or more than that to pay back in full!
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Payout terms: 

BlockFi pays out interest monthly based upon which asset type is deposited with them — BTC or ETH. The amount of interest earned will depend on whether it’s a short-term (30-day) or long-term (36 months) loan period. Longer repayment terms earn higher rates of return since there is an increased level of risk taken by BlockFi from borrowers who have been holding onto their assets for longer amounts of time before paying them back.


YouHodler is a company that has been based in Europe since 2018. It was created by professionals who have extensive experience in the financial sector and it offers some of the best terms on lending platforms worldwide. You can get up to 60% loans for your needs, which means you will not find better conditions elsewhere! is one of our top crypto lending platforms right now. It’s a strong option for three reasons:

High-interest rates on BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and DASH loans (up to 15%). They also have fiat currency rates as low as 11% which are attractive for borrowing money with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum attached to the loan agreement. 

No minimum deposit is required! This means that even if you only have just $100 worth of cryptocurrency lying around — it can be put up as collateral to borrow against at an attractive interest rate.

And then once your borrowed funds are repaid, you get access back into those digital assets again! Win-win situation here folks…


  • It’s not available in all 50 states. YouHodler is only legally allowed to do business in 24 US States at the moment, which means that if you are from one of these places — it might be best to look elsewhere for a loan platform.
  • Longest payout terms out there (12 months). If you want your funds back instantly then this isn’t where you go. YouHodler wants to make sure they get their money back after 12 months and will therefore charge an extra fee on top of what else is being charged…so keep this mind before making any withdrawals!


  • High-interest rates for borrowers and lenders alike — YouHodler allows both parties involved in the loan agreement to earn interest at attractive rates that are sometimes lower than what other similar platforms offer!
  • So if you’re looking for some extra cash with no risk attached then this could very well be your best option out there right now! 
  • Time savings – It’s simple to get started with YouHodler. All you have to do is fill out the application form, which only takes a few minutes of your time!
  • This crypto lending platform has an attractive interest rate for both borrowers and lenders alike — so if that interests, then check them out at this link above or below before signing up! Signing up will also earn you some free bitcoin too 😉
Youhodler interest rates

Payout terms:

For crypto loans--you have up to 30 days or until maximum term described above. For fiat loans–you have up to 12 months. This can be extended until maximum term is reached, however, there will be an additional fee of 0.01% on any unpaid amount each day (up to 15%).


coinloan best bitcoin lending sites

CoinLoan is a lending platform that was created by an Estonian team. It allows borrowers to obtain loans in cryptocurrencies, which means they can get fiat money without having to sell their digital assets first.

This tells us about the company’s location and something else important – what are its main features?


  • High risk of loss when you lend bitcoin here. For example, if the price drops in half while your funds are lent out — then you could have lost it all! This is why lending with CoinLoan can be risky and may not be for everyone.
  • It’s also important to note that returns decrease over time too as the 36-month term draws near or has already passed completing its cycle duration where interest rates drop dramatically from 12% APR down to 0%. 
  • There’s no assurance on how long borrowers will pay back their loans either making this another high-risk platform that investors should consider before lending coins here too.
  • Also, keep in mind since there isn’t much right now for BTC Lenders — this may not be the best choice if you need to make returns quickly.


  • Best Crypto APR. 6.6% for BTC, 5.13% for ETH, 5.97% for BCH, 5.34% for LTC, and 5.13% for XMR.
  • High Fiat/Stablecoin APR. 10.5% for Euro, USDT, USDC, TUSDT, and PAXOS. 
  • No security measures in place currently (late 2018). Since CoinLoan is relatively new, there are no FDIC or SIPC protections available which means that your crypto assets could possibly be lost forever if something were to ever happen like hacking or bankruptcy.
  • CoinLoan has these consumer protections and so does Ethlend as an example. This isn’t a good sign for investors since they have zero insurance over their platform meaning there’s nothing protecting them either should anything go wrong with lending here too!
  • You can expect more stability when it comes to traditional institutions because until now…that’s where all of us turn to first before venturing into the great unknown of crypto lending.
  • Some users have reported problems with KYC and account verification too which is never a good thing for investors wanting to make returns quickly or who need their funds back soon.
  • This may be due to CoinLoan’s lack of experience in servicing loans thus far, but it’s still important that they fix these issues immediately if they want more people coming on board as borrowers here too!
  • The markets and demand will pick up once there are enough lenders (which isn’t right now), so we’ll see how this platform improves over time before making any decisions ourselves though by looking at their website, it doesn’t look like much has changed since 2018 even after being around for two years already.
coinloan best bitcoin lending sites

Payout terms:

Loan terms are up to 36 months.

Interest: 12% APR.

CoinLoan’s high-interest rates and long payout terms make this a great place for investors wanting short or long-term returns if BTC is the coin you choose to lend here too!


btcpop best bitcoin lender sites
btcpop best bitcoin lender sites

BTCPOP is a UK-based lending platform that has been created by professionals with previous experience in the financial sector.

Was originally launched in 2018. It is now known as BTC POP. And it’s an established crypto lending platform that has had its website up since 2015.


  • No deposit minimum for lenders. Easy sign-up process to get started with bitcoin lending on their site.  Low credit risk of borrowers (the company does a thorough check before giving loans).
  • Borrowers can be either individuals or entities like small businesses, startups, etc… High ROI depending on how much you lend out; not everyone earns high-interest rates though.
  • The higher the amount you lend out determines your monthly percentage earned on your investment principal.
  • They also offer insurance protection if something were to happen to your account that you’re unable to repay the loan.


  • A high-interest rate usually means a higher risk of default but BTCPOP does do thorough checks with each borrower before giving out loans.
  • This is why they have high returns for lenders if everything goes well. Only available in certain countries (like Canada, US, UK) — not all can lend or borrow on their platform. 
  • Their website runs slow at times depending on your internet connection speed and how busy it may be at that moment.
  • Deposits are made through PayPal so you must link an account first to transfer funds over from there into BTC POP lending site .
  • There’s also no insurance protection provided by them like BlockFi has mentioned above.. And lastly, their ROI fluctuates – it is not fixed and depends on so many factors.

For example: if the cryptocurrency market tanks, you might earn less interest than before. This isn’t a problem for everyone as long as they’re aware of the risks that come with BTCPOP lending platform. 

Payout Term:

Monthly deposits into your PayPal account or bitcoin wallet are provided upon request to withdraw profits from their site.

Interest Rates:

Varies depending on the principal loan amount (i.e $1000) + credit score and whether a borrower has an existing loan out currently which normally lowers their credit rating even more; lower risk borrowers have higher APR rates attached.

For instance, someone who lends out $5000 (the maximum allowed), earns around 12% monthly interest on their investment.

#5 best bitcoin lending sites is a Hong-Kong based company that was founded in 2016 by Matt Blaze, Kris Marszalek, and Cyril Moutran. They are popular for offering crypto debit cards to their clients worldwide.


  • New innovative platform still growing with lots of growth potential .
  • It’s not hard to see how Crypto will be able, if they continue on the same pace, become one of the best bitcoin lending platforms soon enough.  
  • High liquidity value backed up by strong team , great interface , easy borrowing process make this site very attractive for new investors who want to earn more than just sitting there and waiting without doing anything useful and active in the meantime .
  • This is another reason why we consider them as an upcoming crypto lending platform .


  • charges high interest rates when you borrow from them, which they openly tell their users.
  • If you do not pay back your loan on time, then there is additional fees and penalties that may occur as well such as late payment fee or even write offs if they can’t get in contact with you after several attempts to reach out to you — so beware!
  •  Users who are new might have trouble understanding how this works due to lack of information about borrowing process and repayment terms provided by team on their website (you can learn more about their borrowing terms here ).
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Payout terms:

Interest is paid out to the borrower’s account once a month. All you have to do is transfer your crypto from back into your wallet if you want access to it again without paying large fees for withdrawing.

This gives borrowers some flexibility and control over what they need when they borrow bitcoin lending interest rates.


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Hodlnaut is a newcomer to the list of bitcoin lending sites. But it has one advantage over many other platforms, you can choose how long your loan will be!


  • Easy to use interface. Hodlnaut makes borrowing and investing easy with its user-friendly platform that puts lenders first.
  • The site provides useful options, like adjustable terms for loans (from 30 days up to 180), which means you’ll earn more interest if Ethereum or BTC prices go up in that time period.
  • You also have an option where you pay back your crypto asset before the term ends at no additional cost – this gives you full control of when exactly your investment matures for maximum profits! Even better, there are promotions available from time to time.


  • Smaller platform with fewer features. The site is still in beta and growing, but it’s a work in progress at the moment – while they have an attractive user interface, there are definitely some bugs that need fixing!
  • Hodlnaut has been slow to add new cryptocurrencies for borrowing or lending besides Ethereum and Bitcoin (BTC); this may be remedied soon as the crypto market matures further.
  • Newcomers should read their FAQ section before signing up so you know what you’re getting into from day one!
  • Free signup + no minimum deposit needed . It takes less than five minutes to create your account on HodlNaut.
  • Once signed up, lenders can immediately begin loaning.
hodlnaut best bitcoin lending sites

Interest rates:

Pays interest daily to lenders in Ethereum or BTC, calculated at a rate of 60% for BTC and 70% for ETH.

While this is an attractive return on investment (ROI), you should note that the platform does not pay out your principal — only returns over time. If you want both, then check out another best bitcoin lending site below!

Payout terms: 

Loan duration can be up to 180 days with no penalty if paid back before term ends.

This means it doesn’t matter when during the loan period you repay as long as it’s completed within those three months!

However, early repayment may come with fees due to liquidity costs associated by HodlNaut themselves; read their FAQ section for more details on this.


Screenshot 2021 09 08 at 20.26.24

Nexo is like BlockFi, but for all cryptocurrencies. It’s not just limited to BTC and ETH lending (like BlockFi). Nexo has many features that make it one of the best cryptocurrency lending platforms available today.


  • No credit checks required. You don’t need to be approved for any loans like you do with regular fiat loans. You simply deposit your cryptocurrencies into the Nexo wallet and earn interest or loan out bitcoin for a set period of time.
  • Interest rates are attractive. You can earn anywhere from 0% to 14% APR on BTC, LTC, ETH, BNB, XRP (and more). This is much higher than most banks offer for deposit accounts.
  • Instant payouts. Your interest is paid out to you every single day of the month into your Nexo wallet. You can then withdraw it or loan it back out again if you have more cryptocurrencies available on the platform.
  • No hidden fees/low fee structure. A great perk about being a customer on Nexo is that there are no hidden fees.
  • There’s a flat fee of $50 per transaction/withdrawal and the interest rates work on an annual basis (so you get your full monthly payments).


  • The one downside to this cryptocurrency lending platform is that they only offer fiat withdrawals, not crypto-to-crypto (like BlockFi does).
  • However, Nexo redeemable offers are available in crypto-to-crypto.
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Payout Terms: 

The interest earned on the loan is paid out monthly and you can withdraw it to your bank account or transfer it into another wallet. You also get a daily payout of any accrued interests (paid out in USD).


Rating of Trustpilot review section:  Nexo doesn’t have a lot of reviews on sites like TrustPilot, but it has an A+ rating with over 100 positive customer feedback.

Nexo is trusted by many big-time companies and cryptocurrency lending websites like Bitfinex and Coinmama.


compound finance best bitcoin lending sites
compound finance

Bitcoin lending sites are a great way to earn more bitcoin without putting in much effort.

While there are many options, it is important to know which ones are best before you make any investments. In this article, we will review the top ten of the most popular investing platforms and tell you what makes them so good!

Compound is a cryptocurrency bank with no deposit insurance that allows users to borrow or lend tokens at an attractive rate.


  • Higher lending rates than most other platforms. Compounded interest can give you up to 30% return annually on your Bitcoin loans!
  • Not too shabby, right? That’s if the market doesn’t go down 20%, of course… but it’s still very high for crypto-lending investment returns in my opinion. 
  • Loan length options ranging from overnight (which takes about one minute) all the way out to 90 days (minimum).
  • Again this makes compound ideal whether you want short term Ethereum loan investments or something longer like BTC loans . A variety of terms are available depending on what kind of crypto-lending investment you want to make.
  • Overnight investments return daily interest for ETH and weekly returns on BTC. Longer term rates are even higher so borrowers can earn a lot of money if they have the capital locked up in long terms loans, too!
  • Account minimum is relatively low at just $100 USD .
  • With compound, there’s no need to invest thousands of dollars before you get started which makes it attractive for people who don’t have much capital but still want to try lending bitcoin or ethereum as an alternative cryptocurrency investment strategy.


  • No deposit insurance means your funds could potentially be lost if something goes wrong with their bank though I think this is unlikely given Compound’s strong track record.
  • No public track record. Though it has been in beta for a while and is one of the most trustworthy crypto lending platforms out there.
  • Compound doesn’t have a long history yet which could be problematic if you want to lend money or borrow from someone who does extensive research into their options before committing funds.
  • All things considered though, this isn’t much different than borrowing from Coinbase Pro or using BTCJam. They do not hold your coins so they are still at risk when you use these types of companies in my opinion.

Payout terms:

Daily interest payments in ETH on overnight loans and weekly returns on Bitcoin loans with compounding daily interest payouts twice per week). Long-term rates also include monthly repayments by borrowers once the term is over.

For example: if you deposit Bitcoin, then you earn interest in BTC and also get repayment of principal plus accrued interest once the loan ends. If you go with ETH, your earning returns daily for overnight loans or weekly on longer terms — compounding twice per week!


Screenshot 2021 09 08 at 20.32.40

Celsius Network was founded by Alex Mashinsky. This veteran tech entrepreneur has been around for a long-time and is well respected in the industry as an “angel of VC” from his early days at Arbin, GroundLink, Transit Wireless, and many others.


  • High interest rates on both BTC & ETH lending pools.
  • Lending pool for lenders that can earn up to 20% interest rate per month! That’s insane.
  • If you have extra capital lying around , this could be a great place to lend bitcoin or ethereum since they pay such high rates (compared with other platform options).
  • You also get paid monthly like everyone else listed here . Just make sure your account is funded first before depositing funds to get the rates.


  • You must have a minimum of $20,000 in your account to be able to lend bitcoin or ethereum for interest on Celsius Network. This is because they only offer loans starting from that amount and up .
  • If you don’t meet this requirement then it’s not a big deal — just move onto another platform here that doesn’t require such high deposits!
  • They are FDIC insured but use E-coin as their wallet provider which has been hacked before. Though I’m sure they’ve improved security since then so should be fine today (as long as you don’t keep too much there)..
celsius network best bitcoin lending site
celsius network

Payout Terms:

Monthly payouts in BTC, ETH, LTC & BCH depending on the cryptocurrency you deposited.

10# Binance

1618038137039 Binance smart chain

Binance is based in China and was founded by Changpeng Zhao. It has since grown to be one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges out there. 

They are known for their low trading fees, security (Binance can freeze deposits if you’re not careful). As well as other benefits like allowing margin lending on its platform where investors make money daily from interest gains.

These features alone set Binance apart from many others that offer crypto interest rates or don’t allow margin trading at all!


  • Low trading fees . This makes it easier to pay back loans with interests if your profits aren’t too high. Getting a return on your investment should still be possible even after paying back loan terms with commissions taken into account thanks to the low trading fees.
  • Can lend crypto-to-crypto or USD fiat to margin traders . The world of lending cryptocurrencies is still new, but what you do get are both options when it comes to getting a loan on Binance Exchange.
  • You can either go the traditional route and borrow in your stable currency like US dollars for lower interest rates or cryptocurrency which also offers attractive terms depending on how much risk investors are willing to take with borrowers who have bad credit histories!
  • If you’re looking for BTC loans , they even allow margin trading so borrowing should be possible if you trade altcoins at all – that’s not something many other sites offer! High liquidity.
  • Being based in China means that this site has pretty high demand since the country makes up a huge chunk of the cryptocurrency market.
  • This makes it easier to get large loans when you need them without waiting for too long or having your request declined due to lack of demand on their platform.


  • Low interest rates . While this might be a good thing if all you want is some extra cash in your pocket, if lending bitcoin is what interests you most then Binance will not offer competitive terms.
  • The best Binance can do right now are monthly returns between 0-0.75% which are pretty low compared to other top sites that have daily compounded interest options!
  • That being said, at least the site offers something unlike many others out there who don’t even allow lending cryptocurrencies or charge higher fees just so they could hold onto investor funds until they think the markets are more favorable!
binance best bitcoin lending sites

Payout terms:

Binance offers monthly interest payments in BTC, ETH or USDT. The amount you receive depends on how much is available to lend out at the time of your request and what other investors have done with their loans before yours.

You can check this information by clicking “lend” beside each cryptocurrency on the drop-down menu when navigating through different currencies listed under margin trading. 

Notes about Binance:

This site was one of my first choices for lending bitcoin but after learning that it only pays out once a month.

I decided against using them because daily compounded interest really adds up fast! If you want something steady then might be worth checking into especially if low rates aren’t a downside for you.

The company is based in China and has high liquidity which makes it easy to get loans when needed!

Best Crypto Interest Rates – Compared.

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What is the process of bitcoin lending?

You can make money with your bitcoins by letting a site that lends crypto out to other borrowers. 

You will be paid a percentage of what they earn, which is typically referred to as fixed interest.

Is bitcoin lending safe?

You can choose a site that has a strong reputation and is secure. Insurance is a good idea. 

Your funds will be protected in the event that there is a hacker attack if you choose a site that has strong security and insurance.

Are bitcoin loans complicated?

No. It is usually easier than applying for a loan. The entire process should take 30 minutes to one hour. 

The majority of the time spent waiting for your collateral to arrive or lending amount could take up to an hour, depending on which crypto you chose.

How much interest can I make on Bitcoin lending sites?

You can deposit $1000 worth of Bitcoin with a term of 4.5% per annum. This will allow you to earn $45 each year.

If the bitcoin lending site compounded your interest, you’ll get more. You can get terms up to 11.5% if you deposit $1000 USDT.

This will give you a yearly income in the range of $115 or more if you compound your interest.


How to earn free bitcoin without investment.