So the big question is how blockchain could change the world? A lot of people have been talking about blockchain. What is it? And what can it do for us? Many people believe that blockchain can revolutionize the world. It could be the next big thing. Blockchain is a digital, distributed ledger used to create, distribute, and underpin cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The technology has a lot of potential because it helps reduce or eliminate fraud in transactions and agreements.

This article will focus on three ways how blockchain could change the world:

How Blockchain Could Change the World
15 Ways Blockchain Is Changing the World

1. Removing corruption from the world

Corruption is a major factor in the world in which we currently live. It is present at all levels of government, from taxes to food distribution.

1) Food supply chain management –

Blockchain technology can be used in food supply chains. This will make sure that the food is safe and of good quality. It also means that no one can change anything on the blockchain because it is set up to be secure.

2) Tax evasion – Blockchain can easily track how much individual people earn in taxes, especially when combined with a universal basic income system (UBI). People who don’t work and still make a lot of money cannot keep doing that. The blockchain will show all their transactions.

3) Voting systems – Blockchain technology could revolutionize voting systems by ensuring that votes are recorded accurately and transparently.

It would allow people to see how their own vote is counted and that no votes were altered. This would prevent election fraud and ensure that the government really does represent the people rather than a selected few.

4) Reducing crime – Blockchain technology can be used to track every transaction from beginning to end in real-time without any third parties involved. This would make tax evasion and money laundering extremely difficult and could even remove the reason for some crimes. For example, under current mechanisms, people feel they need to steal because they don’t have a universal basic income (UBI). By providing everyone with a UBI it is possible that we would see less crime.

How Blockchain Could Change the World

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2. A promise of global equality

One of the major advantages of a blockchain is the fact that the information stored in it cannot be changed. The whole system records transactions, and they are irreversible once added to the database (or ‘block’). In this way, people distrusting each other can work or trade together on equal terms, without having to trust each other at all: if

Blockchain has been designed to remove traditional barriers of language and location. This means that the internet will be able to connect every person on earth, regardless of their geographic location

How Blockchain Could Change the World

3) Enhanced communication.

It is now possible for people from all over the world to communicate with one another in real-time. Blockchain is fast becoming a medium through which we can communicate with one another without the need for third-party involvement. It is now possible to send Bitcoin directly from person A to person B, removing the need for a financial institution or bank in between.

One of the most promising aspects of blockchain technology is its ability to transform and disrupt every aspect of our lives. People are already using smart contracts on blockchain to replace conventional property ownership records and voting systems. However, no matter how much potential blockchain technology has, there is one area that it has neglected so far, and that is the representation of art.

Whether we are talking about paintings, sculptures, or photographs, all artists need an avenue where they can effectively represent themselves in a manner that will allow them to showcase their talents and attract the interest of prospective buyers. 

This is where the art world needs blockchain technology. Some of these intermediaries take as much as 50% of the sale value. 

Furthermore, it is important to note that some dealers charge either a flat or a percentage fee per artwork sold. In addition, many galleries and art institutions oblige the artists they represent to spend money on marketing and other expenses associated with showcasing an artist’s work.

How Blockchain Could Change the World

4. Changing how we do business and government.

Blockchain technology enables a secure trusted ledger. This is an easy way to prove ownership and transfer of digital assets, including money or property.

In this way, blockchain can be used instead of third-party companies (banks) to move money from account A to account B. With cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, remove the middleman completely and transfer value peer-to-peer without a financial institution.

The originator of the transaction is impossible to “steal” that money or property because they have encoded their identity in the transaction blockchain. You can follow back on all transactions from the beginning to the present day or whenever you want. This removes all doubt as to where your coins came from and who claims the coins.

If you try to forge a new transaction on the blockchain, then everyone can see that this transaction is different from all others and will not be included in the blockchain.

This makes it almost impossible for criminals to make money off of false transactions or records. This ensures that records are valid—even if they are still encrypted and only accessible to authorized parties.

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