Are you been wondering how to earn free bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has exploded in recent years. And while Bitcoin is still very much in its infancy, it already seems to be on track for success.

The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing and new opportunities are popping up all the time. What types of cryptocurrencies will be coming out in 2021? Learn about some possibilities here!

Here are 15 Awesome Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin in 2021!

Well, that is exactly why I have decided to write this post on the best ways to earn money with bitcoins; to help answer that question for you.

Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin
Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin

How to Earn Bitcoins & Your 2021 Guide

Start your journey by reading our guide on the best ways to earn bitcoins from home. This will help you get started with learning about some of these new opportunities that are just around the corner! After this, be sure to also check out our list of the

best bitcoin faucets. This will help you earn free bitcoins! Finally, be sure to read our list of ways to make money with bitcoin in 2021, as this will give you a little more insight on how these new opportunities might work for you.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been on the rise in recent years. In this post we will share with you 15 awesome ways to earn bitcoin in 2021, including some of our favorite strategies. We’ll also show you how easy it is to start earning free bitcoin today!

Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin
Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin

1) Investing (buying & holding) – aka “HODL”

This is a big one and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. In 2021, you’ll be able to make money with cryptocurrencies that weren’t on your radar before now. So if you want to learn about some of these new opportunities, keep reading this article!The only risk here is missing out on potential gains from new opportunities!

Investing is one of the things that you can do with your bitcoins to earn money. You purchase a bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, hold on to it for as long as possible (aka “HODL”), and then sell when the price goes up enough.

So it is important to only invest what you can afford and are prepared for the risk that comes with this strategy. Remember, Bitcoin isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme!

HODL Strategies:

Strategies for HODLing are a little tougher to come by these days as everything in the crypto space is going haywire. However, there are still some strategies that work when it comes to BTC and getting rich with bitcoin in 2021!

Bitcoin has been one of the most popular topics on news and social media as it’s seen a decline in value this year.

What people might not know is that Bitcoin was originally designed to have an ultimate supply limit at 21 million coins, but for various reasons increased by just over 1% when the software code created more bitcoin each time there were 2 transactions with unspent outputs (UTXOs) than could be accounted for by standard transaction fees.

This means we are going past 20 million bitcoins in circulation – which may sound like nothing compared to what we saw earlier because those numbers look huge!

Many crypto enthusiasts believe that once miners stop mining new Bitcoins then they will become scarce again making them valuable assets much like gold or silver today.

Bitcoin is still up 240% on last year!

– There’s also an important HODL consideration when it comes to taxes. You see, your gains are taxable as long as they exceed those pesky “deemed dispositions” of $200 US dollars.

If you’re watching the Bitcoin market, don’t be quick to sell if there’s no upward price momentum. In other words: nothing is happening. The bottom line? I predict that one day everyone will want back into bitcoin as it becomes more mainstream.

Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin in 2021
build website

2) Build a Bitcoin Website.

This is one of the best ways to turn Bitcoin into a real-world asset, ranking among my personal favorites!

If this is something that would interest you then I recommend reading up on it and checking out some good tutorials online. There are plenty available!

Tips: Use WordPress or Shopify as your eCommerce platform if building a Bitcoin store; use Parallax Scrolling in combination with CSS animations instead of using JavaScript when adding scrolling effects to enhance website performance; always track conversions so you know what’s working and adjust accordingly.

You don’t have to be a tech wizard in order to get started with blogging about Bitcoin.

All you need is an interest, some time for research, and the ability to write good content that explains its basic principles or daily occurrences as they happen over and over again. Give tips, advice, resources, news and other types of info that is useful to people. Basically, you become a go to resource for bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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How to Make Money with Bitcoin in 2021

Your website can earn money in a number of ways, which includes:

– Sponsored Advertising

– Affiliate Marketing (selling other products or services on your website like hosting, domain names, security solutions and so on)

– Display Advertisements

– Selling Your Own Services/Products


Discover what niche you want to cover in the cryptocurrency space. Then think of a name for your site that reflects it well.

Blogging has become a very popular form of self-expression for individuals, but with so many blog platforms already available and people trying to steal ideas from each other there’s not much left that hasn’t been done.

Luckily most blogging sites have templates you can use which come preloaded with all the bells and whistles! Just tweak them until they suit your needs. Once finished publishing start promoting it through social media channels like

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to gain a following.

Do your research on which platform you want to use before starting. I recommend WordPress or Shopify if you’re building an eCommerce site because of the ease-of-use as well as all the features that are included. If not then just go with whichever one suits your needs best!

You’ll need good SEO skills for that…plus remember what we mentioned about affiliate marketing? 😉

Your website is your own little pet project, and the better you take care of it, the more likely it will be to grow. Keep up with all of its needs in order for this to happen!

Tutorial on how to create your own cryptocurrency website.

How to Create a Cryptocurrency Website with WordPress and Elementor Full Tutorial

You can check out the article below: 15 Awesome Ways to Make Money with Bitcoin in 2021

Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin

3) Faucets

One new way to earn bitcoins is through a process called bitcoin faucets. Bitcoin faucets are websites or apps that give free bitcoins to their users for visiting their pages in order to make money off of ad revenue.

Yes, this is probably one of the most tedious ways to earn bitcoin, but it is free and allows anyone new to bitcoin to get into it without risking any of their own money.

For some people, the prospect of a world without money is more than just an idea – it’s their reality. Bitcoin Aliens is a website that offers free bitcoins for completing tasks like solving captchas, watching videos, or signing up to make money online. Simply sign-up with your email and claim coins every day by clicking on the link after you complete these actions!

It’s about time you got your hands dirty and set up a faucet. You’ll make more bitcoin (and money) but will have to deal with the inevitable downsides that come along with it, all while realizing how much work goes into being an entrepreneur in this industry.

How To Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrency 2021

4) Microtasks.

This is definitely one of the best ways to create bitcoins for free, investing only your time. Micro-earnings are an easy – but also one of the most time-consuming – techniques to earn BTC. This basically means that you’ll be doing very small tasks and earning fractions of BTC for all the time you spend.

Examples of these include:

– Surveys, which usually take about five minutes to complete and pay out .001 BTC.

– Flipping prices on various websites through price checker sites like CoinCheck or Bitcheck.

– Microtasks that require knowledge such as completing a product survey (usually takes 30 seconds)

You can make a Bitcoin passive income by answering surveys and questions from companies like Swagbucks. With up to 300 tasks available every month, you are guaranteed an efficient monthly payout of
0.02 BTC for each task completed – that’s less than the price of one coffee!

– Transcribing videos or audio clips through services like Amazon Mechanical Turk for .002-.004 BTC per minute of transcription, which is around $0.25-$0.40 per hour depending on the length and difficulty level of each project; this would be a good option if you are looking for fast cash but don’t want to do anything too difficult with your time as it requires very little mental effort in comparison to other types of micro tasks.

– The world is a strange and wondrous place, but some things like the internet are even weirder.

As I type this sentence with my fingers on these keys (I’m not typing in fortune cookies), there’s an entire team of people at their computers trying to earn money by doing various tasks online for five minutes or less each day- it pays out 0.001 -0.02 BTC depending on complexity level then you’re off to do another task until they find something too hard that takes more than 5 minutes!

So there are many different options available that will provide varying levels of income while still only investing a small amount of effort into each project; however, always keep in mind that this type of work is not for everyone.

Top 10 Sites to Take Surveys for Bitcoin (100% FREE)
Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin

5) Mining.

When people are simply looking for “how to make bitcoins,” what they really want is information on bitcoin mining. This is a process that can be done on most computers and doesn’t require much more than a video card.

Bitcoin mining is a way to get Bitcoin. It’s not easy, and it takes time. Mining requires an understanding of how bitcoin works in order for you to mine any kind of cryptocurrency effectively. You’ll need electricity because your computer will be using up all its processing power and graphics cards (GPUs) while solving those problems so that they can be rewarded with bitcoins – 1250 BTC per solved block!

Miners use their computers to decrypt blocks of data in order to earn bitcoins. They’re rewarded with 1250 bitcoin for each block they successfully decode, which is an increasingly difficult task that requires a lot of computer knowledge and processing power as more people mine.

You can also earn free bitcoin with bitcoin generators that turbo fast bitcoin mining.

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Every day, more and more people are turning to freelancing as a way of earning bitcoins. For example, if you have excellent translation skills then there is lots of work available for overseas clients who need help using bitcoin – but it’s not easy!

You would also be giving up time with friends/family or other commitments like going out on the weekends which means that this job may not suit everyone.

So, is bitcoin mining still possible?

Yes and no. It is still possible to mine bitcoins, but the cost of hardware makes it difficult for anyone with a home computer.

Big mining companies like Bitmain and Antpool have invested millions into research and development making them even more competitive than regular miners.

Bitcoin mining has changed from a process that could be done with personal computers into the preserve of large organisations and companies who are willing to invest heavily in specialist equipment dedicated for this purpose. You can read more about what we think will happen here: How Bitcoins Will Work In 2027

Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin

6)Bitcoin Trading.

If you are considering making bitcoin with trading, remember that trading can be a valuable way to do it.

Bitcoins can be a great investment opportunity but only if you’re an experienced trader with some capital to spare. Without a bit of risk, it’s not worth the price tag!

Bitcoin trading is a volatile market. Bitcoin trading is like a rollercoaster. The best way to trade is to buy low and sell high. It can be hard for inexperienced traders because the bitcoin price can change quickly. This might mean that you lose money fast if you don’t know what you are doing.

Bitcoin Trading is when you buy or sell bitcoins for money (or another currency).

When we talk about trading, what we’re really talking about is the act of buying low and selling high: trying to make a profit on any difference in price. The type of activity you can engage in if this interests you is known as speculation; it’s when one tries to buy bitcoin at lower prices then resell them later for higher ones- which could be considered making money off differences between prices.

You might have heard about Bitcoin’s value fluctuating quite a bit. Bitcoin’s value changes. Some people try to make money by buying Bitcoin when it is cheap and then selling it when the price goes up. Miners try to get as many Bitcoins as they can by using their computers or specialised hardware. Bitcoin traders also try to get profits from exchanging Bitcoins for money.

The idea of borrowing bitcoin may seem pretty unconventional, but it can actually be a really smart move. Bitcoin is a unique investment opportunity.

These trades happen 24 hours per day via a number of different platforms and all around the world. For some individual traders who want to avoid strict financial regulations by their governments with regards to trading, bitcoin forex crypto trading is a great way to go.

Bitcoin Trading Fees

Bitcoin Trading Tools And Tips

There are many tools online that give you information about bitcoin. One is, which shows you a number of charts for the price, market depth, and more.

How to Trade Cryptocurrency for Beginners – Learn Crypto Trading
Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin

7) Lending.

Lending can be a way of using your existing money to earn more money with interest. It’s one of the oldest forms of lending, so it should mostly be familiar to you. Lending out money is an interesting way to make more of it, but how does it work?

You loan a certain amount for a certain period and get back with the added interest over that span. Interest rates will depend on external factors like market changes or risks involved in this type of lending; however they are still set by us lenders- those who have first access to any loans.

From trading cryptos to lending them, Poloniex is a one-stop shop for all your crypto needs. You can borrow Bitcoin whenever you want without worrying about the exchange rates or any other fees – just make sure that there’s someone willing to lend it!

If you want to make a profit off of lending, then first thing you need is someone who would be willing and able take out the loan from you.

The interest rates vary depending on your market timing but as long people are looking for loans this should still work and can’t hurt!

Lending – Interest Rates: As mentioned before, there’s no set rate when it comes to interest.

These rates can change on any given day depending on how much risk lenders see in their investment at the time or even if they’re not confident enough yet in what they lend against (bitcoin). This means that your profits could fluctuate too. If you’re a risk taker and good at picking the next big thing, then this is for you. If not, it’s probably best to stick with traditional lending methods instead of bitcoin-based ones.

Lending – Risks: The risks involved in bitcoin lending are often times less than those associated with other forms of investments as long as you do your due diligence on who or what you lend money against first (such as companies).

There’s also something else that people don’t know about which might be worth some research if interested… One way to make sure both sides get their fair share is through an escrow system where down payments can happen instantly without trust issues!

Would you like to invest your bitcoin so that it generates interest? You can find borrowers who want loans and charge them an interest rate. Interest rates vary depending on market conditions but with the demand for lending, this is one option open to anyone with bitcoin seeking a return on their investment!

Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin

8) Gambling.

Honestly, this is not for me. Gambling can be an enjoyable way to spend your free time with friends, but it has a dark side. There is nothing worse than being addicted to gambling.

It can be so easy for people and before they know it, their bank account has become empty from all the money that was gambled away while they were not looking! If you find yourself struggling with this addiction then there are a few things you should do; cut back or quit altogether because most gamblers will eventually lose much more than what they earn in gamble-money which isn’t usually permanent anyways.

-Interest Rates: It’s hard to anticipate the changes in interest rates and what they will be on any given day.

For some lenders, bitcoin is a risky investment. They may not earn as much when the value of bitcoins drops and they have to wait longer for their loan payments due dates because there are more coins in circulation than before.

Every day offers different opportunities for those who invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum but it can be hard to know what will happen next with these new forms of currency that seem so unstable at times.

One way you might make money off gambling is through an escrow system where down payments can happen instantly without trust issues! You can lend up to 100% of the coins you have.

-Escrow: One way people might make money off gambling is through an escrow system where down payments can happen instantly without trust issues! You can lend up to 100% of the coins you have.

Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin
writing and info products

9) Writing / Info Products

If you are skills at writing and researching, then there are a variety of ways to earn bitcoin. There are various websites and other companies that need content written for their own purposes or marketing needs related to bitcoin.

-Writing: If you have skills in writing and researching, then there are a variety of ways to earn bitcoin.

There are various websites and other companies that need content written for their own purposes or marketing needs related to bitcoin.

This is just the first post so I’ll continue with more details later!

There are many different ways to get bitcoins without investing any money.

Some people use their computer’s computational power and help mine new blocks in the blockchain that add a nominal fee for being rewarded with bitcoin.

Others just buy them on an exchange or through friends who have some extra coins they’re looking to unload.

There is no one way of getting bitcoins, but there are several methods you can try if you want something quick and easy!

Good luck out there!

Ways to How To Earn Bitcoin
sell products and services

10) Sell Products & Services (accept bitcoin as payment)

Bitcoin should not come as a surprise to appear in the top 10. Some of the best ways to earn bitcoins include selling goods and services with it, which rank as two of its main functions. Yes, bitcoin has been accepted by many retailers, even though that is not its primary use; it perfectly falls into their existing payment systems and provides an additional service for consumers.

What are the advantages of accepting bitcoin payments? One advantage is that it can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as you have WiFi or an Internet connection and that your customer has a device to make their purchase. As opposed to fiat currencies, bitcoin transactions don’t need bank accounts or credit cards; all someone needs is internet access with bitcoins available on Poloniex. It also allows for more personal interactions between buyers and sellers when exchanging goods without any fees charged by Bitcoin itself.

Bitcoin is a new kind of currency that has been getting more and more popular.

An investment in cryptocurrency is a great way to get ahead of the game.

With so many possibilities and uncertainties, this type of investment could yield huge gains- or it might be worthless tomorrow while other investments are still successful today!

Cryptocurrency has captured the attention of investors from all over the world, including celebrities like Ashton Kutcher.

Crypto fever is sweeping the globe and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

That is definitely worth exploring!

In Conclusion:

It might be too late to say no, but for now Bitcoin will always give us a new perspective on the world and how we function within its systems. That is definitely worth exploring!

Bitcoin has also been accepted by many retailers, even though that was not its primary use; it perfectly falls into their existing payment system and provides an additional service for consumers.

The advantages of accepting bitcoin are that transactions don’t need bank accounts or credit cards as all someone needs is internet access with bitcoins available on Poloniex. It allows more personal interactions between buyers and sellers when exchanging goods without any fees charged by Bitcoin itself. That is definitely worth exploring! I hope you found this article helpful and found your way to earn some bitcoin.

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