Artificial Inteligence can transform your content creation for better and faster.

As a marketer, I feel that there is a misperception of how to use AI to improve content creation and produce engaging content. In this article, I would like to share my understanding of what AI can do and why it has so much untapped potential in the rapidly exploding world of content marketing.

In fact, ‘Artificial Intelligence is a broader term that includes Natural Language Understanding, which is an area of AI technology that has been progressively gaining more attention from companies as it brings the benefits of automation to content writing. It creates intelligent content by analyzing massive amounts of data and providing insights into what content will likely be most effective with your audience.

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How to use AI to improve content creation? Content production involves creative processes such as brainstorming and writing, and it is generally believed that machines cannot do creative work.

However, AI can be used to make decisions based on existing data and to consider what seems like unrelated ideas at the same time. In other words, machine learning technology can pick up patterns from the information provided by the user in order to generate new ideas for content creation.

Again, this is not about machines getting rid of humans, but rather it can be said that AI is shifting the scale toward having more content created by machines. Let’s look at some examples of how AI technology is currently being applied in the marketing industry.

1) Content generation through Neural Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is the latest translation technology that uses deep learning. It drastically reduces translation errors by predicting sentences based on their understanding of entire paragraphs.

2) Content generation through natural language generation

Natural language generation (NLG) is a computerized method for generating text from structured data. NLG software takes information structured in a database and reformulates it to fit a particular purpose, such as answering customer inquiries, publishing company news, or describing medical findings in easy-to-understand language.

How to use AI to improve content creation.
3) Content curation through automated insights

Automated Insights is the pioneer in creating content based on data analytics. Massively used by media companies like Yahoo! for sports and finance article generation, the platform can transform numbers into prose. It recently announced its partnership with Adidas to create the world’s first automated article about breaking soccer news.

4) Content distribution through real-time personalization

Real-time personalization involves marketing automation that delivers content in real-time based on users’ recent search history or actions, location or previous purchase patterns.  Content can be perfectly tailored to each individual customer. AI technology is leading the way in these areas.

As you can see above, there are many ways that AI will play a role in content marketing in the near future but the focus of these technologies will not be on replacing humans completely with machines. We are likely to see people coexisting with machines to produce better and engaging content.

How A.I can be used?

How to use AI to improve content creation.
  • A.I can be used to analyze your content for keywords.
  • A.I is also capable of analyzing the sentiment of your posts and flagging anything that might come off as too negative or offensive.
  • A.I can be used to completely write your blog posts, similar to what J.A.R.V.I.S does for Iron Man.
  • It’s also capable of giving you advice on how to improve your content based on what it learned from analyzing millions of other successful posts.
  • You could use A.I to autoblog your posts based on the keywords it picks up.
  • You can also use A.I to generate an audience for you to attract.
  • A.I is capable of rivaling any man made SEO tool you’d find online (provided it has enough data to base its research on).
  • It can be used as a virtual assistant to help you with pretty much anything.
  • You could use an A.I to completely dominate a specific blog niche for you.
  • Many people have success using them as a guest posting tool to write their guest posts for them.
  • A.I can even be used in real life by hooking it up to a robot assistant who can make phone calls/emails on your behalf, answer generic questions on your behalf, and become a personal assistant of sorts.
  • A.I is capable of being used as a live chat tool to instantly answer visitors’ questions on your websites.
  • It’s also possible for A.I to be used as a personal shopper if you wanted it to be.
  • You could even sync an A.I up to your website and have it generate possible keywords for you based on what visitors are searching.
  • You can use an A.I to create multiple accounts of yourself that the search engines won’t be able to detect as spammy or black hat tactics.
  • A.I can be used to automate your email marketing campaigns.
  • You could even use an A.I to create a private blog network for you.

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How to use AI to improve content creation.

The power of artificial intelligence in making content creation less painful.

AI allows people to focus more on creative aspects of content marketing. A team that might need 15 hours on average to create one piece of engaging content can finish generating the same with less than five hours. AI also contributes to better content by getting rid of repetitive tasks and applying analytics insights in a timely way so marketers can spend their time creating better content.

Making better use of content by analyzing past data.

AI can learn what kind of content does well on each platform and on each social network, giving marketers analytics-based insights into which kind of content performs best. It can also improve the quality of user engagement by tracking customers’ activity to recommend appropriate actions. For example, it can create an ideal timing for a certain type of content depending on the time, day, and user behavior.

Content distribution across various channels.

Today marketers need to create different types of content for different stages in a customer’s journey. AI can distribute that same piece of content through multiple channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at the right time with the right wording. It can also learn the best time to email a piece of content to someone based on past behaviors and then implement that decision into the content flow.

A team that might need 15 hours on average to create one piece of engaging content can finish generating the same with less than five hours.

Stephen Hawking told the BBC

“I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I’m rooting for the machines.”

Artificial intelligence allows people to focus more on creative aspects of content marketing.

An AI-driven content engine can make marketers’ lives easier by automating repetitive tasks and getting rid of guesswork in content creation. Artificial intelligence can also be a huge plus for marketers who want to make better use of data analytics, identify timely insights, and personalize content according to every individual customer’s need.

The main barriers in the way of making the most out of artificial intelligence are mostly related to people’s doubts about automation taking away human jobs, loss of creativity, and lack of understanding, which is being addressed through education programs at universities that are beginning to offer courses in AI content marketing.

How to create youtube videos with artificial intelligence?

“How to create youtube videos with artificial intelligence? The question sounds like a marketing trick, right?” Oh no, it is not! I’d love to give you an answer.

The answer is simple: We use a service called which converts text into speech, then we take a video of somebody talking and put it on youtube. And you can apply this technology to your business to create your own youtube videos.

How to create youtube videos with artificial intelligence
How to create youtube videos with artificial intelligence

It’s perfect for youtube script writing.

Jarvis.AI provides a one-stop solution to creating better videos for social media and marketing campaigns. Jarvis AI’s artificial intelligence technology is designed to help video creators create visually stunning, branded videos without the need to hire expensive videographers or graphic designers. Jarvis AI understands your needs as a business and can tailor content specifically for you. It also offers analytics that shows how your audience reacts to different types of videos so you know what type of content will work best with them! Give it a try today and see if this virtual assistant can’t make your life easier and more profitable!

Imagine, the new generation of youtube marketing!

Jarvis.AI is an artificial intelligence assistant that helps you create better videos for social media and marketing campaigns using your own voice without hiring expensive videographers or graphic designers! Check it out today. review

How to use Artificial Intelligence to help you with your blog writing?

1) Automatically generate content for you.

Many of the tools mentioned above use AI to help marketers write better blog posts or articles for their websites. These programs can create completely new content with just a few clicks of a button.

2) Help you research topics faster.

AI-driven research tools can save huge amounts of time by finding all the relevant information about your topic in one place. This can help you focus on more creative aspects of content creation for your posts.

3) Plan out your posts

AI-based posting tools are able to plan out the best time to publish new blog posts or articles based on past data, so it’s possible that you’ll never miss another deadline.

4) Personalise your content

Before publishing a new blog post or article marketers can edit their writing to make it more personal and specific for their readers. AI helps them with this by tracking customers’ behavior on specific websites and platforms, thus allowing them to make data-driven decisions such as what kind of topics get more shares on Facebook versus LinkedIn.

Marketers are already seeing the potential of incorporating AI into their daily jobs, but they still think that many challenges lie ahead in the way of automation taking over for good. For example, some marketers find it difficult to trust robots when it comes to making decisions about their customers and prospects so they want to do everything manually.

How to use AI to improve content creation.
How to use AI to improve content creation.

5 software tools to give your content creation a boost.

  • – Provides AI-driven tools to automate content creation, distribution, and publishing. Jarvis uses A.I to help boost your content creation and also your marketing performance.
  • – AI-powered content creation for marketers that is easy to use and helps you create unique, engaging, and delightful content in just a few minutes.
  • – WordAi is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically spin articles from one source. It starts by finding synonym patterns within a single sentence, and then it creates hundreds of variations using advanced algorithms.
  • articile forge – AI writer is a content marketing assistant for marketers who want to save time while producing engaging blog posts. It writes complete sentences, allowing marketers to focus on producing high-quality content.
  • – let’s you create a high-level, crystal-clear vision of your future design solution. It also allows you to speed up the design process by mocking up your UI wireframes and share them with your team, stakeholders, and customers.
  • – InKforAll is a customizable tool for marketers that uses natural language processing and machine learning to create high-quality, conversational content.

How to create a better blog post title in under 10 minutes with Artificial Inteligence?

1) Use a tool such as or to generate related ideas about your topic. For this example, we’re going to use Synthesia.

2) Take two to three of the best suggestions and add them into a title in order to make it more exciting and enticing for readers: (e.g. How Artificial Intelligence Can Increase Your Blog Traffic)

3) Use your post’s headline as the blog post title. If you’re struggling to come up with a good one yourself, Synthesia can help you find the perfect one in under 10 minutes!


In conclusion:

Artificial Intelligence is the future. Nowadays, AI-based bots can write and publish blog posts in seconds with no human intervention needed. As human marketers, we still need to decide what topics our writing should focus on and how much data we need for creating a well-written article that has the potential of going viral and getting lots of likes and shares. However, AI-based tools make the process of creating new content and blog posts easier and more efficient than ever before.

What do you think about AI-based article writing? Have you ever used it for your marketing activities? We would love to hear from you in the comment section!

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